Fascia Boards & Furring Strips

If your fascia boards and guttering are looking a bit tired and could use some TLC, we offer a variety of ways to tidy them up.

The original fascia could be overclad, providing the wood beneath is structurally sound, with a uPVC capping board this can also apply to the soffit which can be overclad with a lightweight hollow soffit, topped off with new replacement gutter which comes in various shapes and colours as do the fascia and soffit.

If the wood is not structurally sound (i.e rotten) then e would then take down the original boards and soffits and replace them with a jumbo uPVC board as a substitute , which again comes in a variety of colours. The soffits could also be vented to allow air flow into the loft space to help fight against dry rot etc. This is all topped off with new gutter to give you a nice clean look to your roofline.

Of course on top of all that you have peace of mind that the new uPvc fascias,soffits and guttering are not going to rot or decay and are virtually maintenance free! Call Gutter Guru today for your free estimate!